What is Yoga " Razuma"

Yoga "Razuma" is a specialized yoga center that teaches hatha yoga according to the method of B. K. S. Iyengar. Our center offers classes for students of any level of practice. Our teachers are certified by the Moscow Iyengar Yoga Center and the Federal Network of Yoga Centers. Yoga "Razuma" - a network of specialized yoga centers. All centers of the network comply with a single system of quality standards, which guarantees:

High professional level of yoga teaching - all our teachers are trained at the Iyengar Yoga Center and the Yoga-Practice Training Center, constantly improving their skills at seminars and master classes.
Individual approach – a wide selection of general and special classes allows you to choose an individual practice program for each student, regardless of age and physical fitness.
Using only high-quality materials, literature and DVDs for yoga classes-the YOGA PRACTICA network provides its students with everything necessary to get the maximum benefit and pleasure from the practice.


For each of our teachers, yoga is their life's work. Each sounds unique, each presents its own vision, but the essence remains the same. We want you to find harmony and enjoy life in all its manifestations. Our teachers support, help to understand and feel yoga. Come and get acquainted!


We will help you choose exactly the direction that will suit you the most


From hatha yoga and vinyasa flow to ashtanga and kundalini yoga


Discover a world of peace and tranquility


Face fitness, stretching course, breathing practices


Stretching classes, splits and other classes

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